Current Research Projects


Evolution of Electric Organs

Evolution of Signal Diversity

Origins of Adaptive Wing Patterning

Open Science Policy

We strive to make our science open and accessible. If you are looking for data or source code, and cannot find it here, please contact Jason.


  • Immani Swapna, Alfred Ghezzi, Michael Markham, D. Brent Halling, Ying Lu, Jason Gallant and Harold Zakon “Electrostatic Tuning of Potassium Channel in Electric Fish” doi: Go to bioRxiv

  • Jason R. Gallant, Joshua Sperling, Catherine Cheng, Matthew E. Arnegard, Bruce Carlson, Carl Hopkins “Microevolutionary processes underlying macroevolutionary patterns of electric signal diversity in mormyrid fish” doi: Go to bioRxiv


  • We have a whole site dedicated to the genomic data collected from electric fish. Check out EFISH Genomics

Source code

  • Our publicly available source code is available on github