MSU NGS Methods Reading Group - Fall 2015

      Presentation Schedule
      Fall 2015
      Monday 2PM in BEACON Seminar Room (Room 1455A BPS)

Date Name Topic Student Respondent
September 14 Organizational Meeting    
September 21 Amanda A Preview of NGS Data + General Bioinformatics Amanda
September 28 Meznah Clustering/Data Mining + Search Scott
October 5 Dharanya Variant Analysis Ethan
October 12 Mitch, Roshan, Shairah Metagenomics/Amplicon-Based Seq Roshan
October 19 Mau and Abhijna RNA-Seq : An Introduction Abhijna
October 26 Mark Reimers Single-Cell RNA-seq Mau
November 2 Kevin (others?) Methylation and Chromatin Mitch
November 9 Dan (others?) RAD-Seq Jeffrey
November 16 Meznah (Kevin Childs?) Genome Assembly & Annotation Savvas
November 23 Thanksgiving Week No Meeting  
November 30 Amanda (Others?) Data Analysis Pitfalls Sheriff
December 7 Will Pitchers Platforms & Data of the Future Volunteer


  • Papers will be sent at least a week in advance by presenter to list serve

  • Presenters should select an “introductory” reading on the topic, and then something more advanced/cutting edge/applied (when possible)

  • Presenters must keep the presentations inside 1 hour (room constriants), encouraging discussion and questions is strongly preferred.

  • Respondents listed (students taking RG for credit) will write blog post on to summarize and discuss the presentation (1000-1500 words), link readings, and illustrate with graphics.

  • Students taking RG for credit are additionally required to edit, revise and add to 2-3 of these posts through the semester