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Brienomyrus brachyistius spawning

Monica and I have been hard at work getting Brienomyrus brachyistius to breed again in the lab– we’ve been having great success with getting them spawning!  Over the past month, we’ve had hundreds of eggs.  Here is a video of the “main event” occurring several hours after nightfall, which occurs at 19:00 hours.  While this is a 30 second clip, preliminary analysis of our video shows that the pair spawns repeatedly over the ensuing 10-15 minutes, and likely many more times out of frame.

For some reason, the pair really seems to like breeding next to this partition– reasons unknown at the moment.

The next morning, we found about 20-40 eggs in the tank.  Later in the week, we had more than 150!  If you’d like to see some nice photos of the results, check out my earlier blog post.

Some neat behavior for sure, more soon to follow…

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