MSU Electric Fish Lab


The MSU Electric Fish Lab values curiosity about the natural world, independent inquiry, critical thinking, science literacy, and accessible, open science, as well as strong prioritization of mentorship at all career levels. Since opening in 2013, we’ve built a large and productive lab group with many talented students, postdocs, and technicians from around the world, including Canada, Costa Rica, France, England and the US. Many of our students come from diverse economic backgrounds, and groups typically underrepresented in STEM fields. A particular point of pride is our outstanding group of undergraduates, many of whom have gone on to pursue graduate research positions at other institutions.

Dr. Jason Gallant Dr. Jason Gallant PI
Dr. Mauricio Losilla Dr. Mauricio Losilla Postdoc
Alyssa Saunders Alyssa Saunders Ph.D. Student
Emma Elferdink Emma Elferdink


Jared Thompson Jared Thompson Katherine Shaw Katherine Shaw Monica Lucas Monica Lucas Nick Vieder Nick Vieder Fish Care Ryan Taylor Ryan Taylor
Dr. David Luecke Dr. David Luecke Postdoc
Dr. Sophie Picq Dr. Sophie Picq
Dr. Will Pitchers Dr. Will Pitchers
Lauren Koenig Lauren Koenig
Savvas Constantinou Savvas Constantinou
Adam Gleichman Adam Gleichman
Aisha Narayan Aisha Narayan Undergraduate
Allie Kwang Allie Kwang
Angelina Sdao Angelina Sdao
Douglas Maldonado-Torres Douglas Maldonado-Torres
Elise Straub Elise Straub
Emily Parker Emily Parker
Fernando Fernandez Fernando Fernandez
Hope Healey Hope Healey
Justin Rucinski Justin Rucinski
Kristen Lounsbury Kristen Lounsbury Undergraduate
Lexi Nadolsky Lexi Nadolsky Undergraduate
Nicole Thompson Nicole Thompson
Nicole Robichaud Nicole Robichaud
Sarah Sam Sarah Sam
Sergio Acuna Sergio Acuna
Sophia Sdao Sophia Sdao
Colin Diesh Colin Diesh